How TMED can help your family

We have created the TMed Health Tablet to help connect patients with their entire healthcare community. Health related educational materials such as e-books and videos will help provide vital information to patients managing conditions, while various game choices are available to help children stay engaged. We also offer you and your family symptom tracking, medication reminders and surveys for health concerns and conditions such as Asthma, Pregnancy, Fitness and Autism.


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Additional Features

We offer the digital tools needed to successfully maintain healthcare concerns through taking health surveys, tracking symptoms, and providing assessment reminders. Goals to connect patients with their healthcare communities are exceeded while using the TMed Health Tablet features!

Health Surveys

Health Care Providers can offer patients survey questions, allowing them to respond and record how they are doing, explain symptoms and get help to manage their conditions. Informative and fun tips, interesting facts and wonderful motivational messages help keep patients on track and encouraged to continue moving forward and participate in their programs

Symptoms Tracker

We offer patients an easy way to communicate with their Health Care Team about their conditions, by simply answering a few health questions. The Health Care Provider has access to the TMED Portal and can track patient progress to help manage symptoms, provide feedback and accurately treat their patients.


Assessment Reminders will alert patients to take the assessment their health care provider has created for them. The providers have access to the TMed Portal and will check the answers given and follow the patients’ history, providing optimal treatment for conditions and areas of concerns.