Pregnancy Program

Improving the health of Mothers and Babies

TMED provides a pregnancy program and plan specifically geared toward prenatal care and the well-being of pregnant women. Our focus is to improve the health of mothers and babies by providing one location for doctors, pharmacists and specialists to collaborate, review findings and track their patients’ progress with ease.

  • Communicate through telemedicine technology to prenatal members
  • Empower the member through education to seek appropriate medical services
  • Promote the progression of a healthy pregnancy and delivery
  • If needed, the care team can load daily reminders for any required medications
  • Using the TMed tablet for communication
  • Receiving due-date driven information daily, based on the gestational age of the baby
  • Help detect early warning signs if necessary
  • Access informative books and videos
  • ‘Contractions App’ gives mothers a good indication of how far into labor they are
  • Display ‘Kick counts’ to encourage mothers to rest and bond with their baby
  • Completely integrated with the TMed Tablet
  • Generate Reports Based on Survey/Assessment Results