About us

What we do

Proprietary TMED tools help patients and care teams improve health outcomes in many ways!

  • Reduce patient Emergency Room visits
  • Provide healthcare teams with early warning signs based on symptom tracking and survey responses
  • Give healthcare teams an easy way to provide information and instructions to their patients
  • Improve communication between patients and their healthcare team
  • Allow patients to share monitoring data and provide health status updates to their healthcare team

How We Do

Our Mission

Improve Access to Healthcare by providing patient and care teams with easily accessible digital tools to help improve overall health outcomes, increase patient health education, improve communication and successfully connect patients with their entire healthcare community!

Our Values

Enhance the life of patients by providing the tools and vital information needed to successfully manage conditions.

Our Approach

Specifically designed with the family in mind, we offer you the tools needed to successfully connect with your entire healthcare community with ease. Managing conditions will become more enjoyable with our interactive programs and enhanced approach to monitor conditions.

Who We Are

Our team is composed of highly trained and experienced people with a great healthcare and IT background. We are passionate about what we do. Click on our names to learn how we came to TMED.