TMED Fitband Setup Guide

1) Make sure that your Fit Band is fully charged before beginning setup. To do this, connect your Magnetic Charger to the two connection points on the inside of your Fit Band until secure.

2) Afterwards, connect that cable to a power source. The charger will only connect one way, so you may need to rotate it to ensure that it connects. The Fit Band will display a charging indicator when you're connected.

3a) If you're using an iPhone, open the App Store and search for TMED Fit.

3b) If you're using an iPhone, open Google Play and search for TMedFit.

4) You should see a green icon similar to what's displayed here. Download and install the app to your device!

5) Next, open the TMED Fit app and enter your profile information.

6) Tap "Allow" on any access prompts that appear.

7) Tap your profile picture in the upper right to go to the Settings menu.

8) Tap "Paired with hardware" to go to the Fitband pairing screen.

9) Hold the Fit Band's circle button until it switches to Pairing mode.

10) Tap Refresh on your phone until your band appears, then tap the band to pair it. You're done!